Workshop on Big Data and Smarter Cities

  October 9th, 2013

  In conjunction with IEEE Big Data 2013



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Workshop on Big Data and Smarter Cities

In conjunction with the 2013 IEEE International Conference on Big Data



Today we live in a highly instrumented and digitally interconnected world - to the extent that the boundary is often blurred between the cyber and physical worlds. This instrumentation and interconnection has resulted in the (real-time) availability of a wide range of information about cities, their physical infrastructure, services, and interactions between people. Smarter Cities are leveraging this Big Data to improve infrastructure, planning and management, and human services as a system of systems – with the goal of making cities more desirable, livable, sustainable, and green. Examples include mass transit, utilities, environment, emergency response, big event planning, public safety, social programs, healthcare, plus many others. See the workshop website for more information.


Research Topics

We are soliciting papers that describe academic research efforts as well as real-life systems and prototypes that leverage Big Data to address Smarter City services and challenges. Areas of research include but are not limited to:

This workshop will provide a forum for researchers from academia, industry, and government to present their results and to discuss and further the state of the art in this important area of research requiring collaboration across fields and domains. Submissions should be at most 8 pages for long papers, and at most 4 pages for short papers, and should be formatted according to IEEE Computer Society Proceedings formatting guidelines in 2-column format.


Important Dates


Workshop Organizers


Program Committee

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Session 0

9:50-10:00 Welcome by Workshop Chairs

10:00-10:40 Power of Declarative Analytics: Obtaining Actionable Insights from Public Data

Rajasekar Krishnamurthi IBM Almaden Research Center (Invited Talk)

10:40-11:00 Coffee Break

Session 1

11:00-11:30 Alarm Prediction in Large-Scale Sensor Networks - A Case Study in Railroad

Hongfei Li, Buyue Qian, Dhaivat Parikh, and Arun Hampapur

11:30-12:00 Scalable Prediction of Energy Consumption using Incremental Time series Clustering

Yogesh Simmhan and Muhammad Usman Noor

12:00-1:30 Lunch Break

Session 2

1:30-2:00 MiSTRAL: An Architecture for Low-Latency Analytics Queries on Massive Time Series

Alice Marascu, Pascal Pompey, Eric Bouillet, Olivier Verscheure, Philippe Cudre-Mauroux, and Martin Grund

2:00-2:30 Fast Solution of Load Shedding Problems via a Sequence of Linear Programs

Harish S. Bhat, Garnet J. Vaz, and Juan C. Meza

2:30-2:50 Coffee Break

Session 3

2:50-3:30 Taking it to the Streets – From the laboratory to the city: How Data is transforming the way we live

Olivier Verscheure IBM Research (Invited Talk)

3:30-4:00 Yellow Cabs as Red Corpuscles

Tim Savage and Huy Vo

4:00-4:30 A Big Data Driven Model for Taxi Drivers Airport Pick-up Decisions in New York City

Anil Yazici, Camille Kamga, and Abhishek Singhal

4:40-4:45 Concluding Remarks